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The Planning Committee met on Thursday 11th February to discuss:

Planning application: P21/V0140/FUL. Workshop and Premises 2A 2-6 High Street, Steventon. Redevelopment of previously developed land involving change of use from Class E to Class C3, demolition of light industrial buildings (No 2A) and erection of replacement apartment building providing 7 apartments with undercroft parking and cycle storage, part-demolition of buildings (Nos 6 and 6A) fronting High Street to facilitate provision of parking and bin and cycle storage, with retained floor area consolidated for commercial use Class E.

Planning Appeal: P19/V2459/O. Land behind 31 – 33 The Causeway Steventon OX13 6SE. Outline application for provision of Self-Build and/or Custom House building plots for 7 detached dwellings.

Public participation was lively with the Parish Council and several residents posing pertinent questions to the development agents.


The Parish Council objected on both the planning application and the planning appeal. Details of the objection grounds can be found under Minutes.

The planning appeal will be conducted “virtually” by the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State on 15th April 2021.


The Parish Council met on Tuesday 2nd March with 7 Parish Councillors, Mike Fox-Davies, Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Councillor and a large number of members of the public being present.

The problems with dog fouling and uncontrolled dogs off their leads from a minority of  irresponsible and inconsiderate  owners persists. Please don’t let your dog off its lead on Public footpaths through occupied landowners’ fields. There have been several complaints regarding dogs attacking grazing sheep, wandering chickens and deer.

If you see someone allowing their dog to foul on public land and not picking up after them, or chasing after sheep, chickens or deer please report it to or ring 01235 422146. You can also report it via the website ( scroll down to Environment and neighbourhood issues, click on issues in your area, scroll down to click on dog fouling). The current fine for dog fouling is £50. If a person refuses to pay, they can be taken to the local Magistrates Court for the dog fouling offence and fined up to £1,000.

With regard to reporting we have received the following guidance on taking photo’s/videos from the Vale Environmental Enforcement team.

“Dog fouling is always a difficult crime to detect, so any help with photos/videos taken in any public places by any witnesses would be reviewed & assessed for quality of evidence and would need to be supported by a witness statement.  However, Please note, the person taking the photo/video needs to be aware of their own personal safety, as it may provoke a confrontation and is best to be taken discreetly if possible.” 

The large amount of rainfall that we have experienced has led to  recurring flooding within the village and associated footpath networks. The Environmental Agency has, following a letter to the Chief Executive Sir James Bevan responded as below:

“The technical advisor for the area has been working closely with the residents of Steventon, offering follow up support to those affected, and providing best practice advice to riparian owners. Riparian landowners are responsible for maintaining the river channel, banks, associated vegetation and assets in order to control flood risk.   Further information on riparian landowner rights and responsibilities can be found on the .GOV.UK  “Owning a watercourse” web page, available from

Going forward, the Asset Performance team will be bidding for funding from DEFRA to help solve some of the issues in the area.  Namely removing the blockage at The Mill, repairing the banks along the Causeway and removing blockages under the railway bridge.  All this is subject to successful allocation of DEFRA funding and then subsequent agreement of landowners to access land to complete this work.

 The Ginge Brook already appears on our routine maintenance programme. However, we will be readjusting this to ensure it is best suited to the area and current circumstances. The undertaking of maintenance and repair work by the Environment Agency does not absolve riparian landowners of their responsibilities”.

 A member of the Environment Local Asset Performance team will be attending the Parish Council meeting on 6 April.

The outside gym equipment has been ordered and will be installed on the big Green in last week of April/early May (the items have a long lead time for delivery).

An amount of money is available for art projects around the village and one of these is to create a logo for Steventon.  The aim is to have a logo that can be used to indicate the village on signs, notices, possibly benches, and gates.  The logo to incorporate features of the village.  Please send any drafts, suggestions to the Art group on or send to the Parish Clerk.

The Annual Parish meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday 20th April at 7pm.

The next virtual Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 7pm. If you want to take part in Public participation please contact the Parish clerk who will send you an invite.

Dr Chris WildingChair