Council Members

Parish Councillors from May 2023 Uncontested election

Bennett, Joseph Michael

Broadbent, Sheenagh

Clark,  John Frederick

Perkins,  Lucy Anne

Stimpson-Tame, Martin Paul

Wilding, Chris

Wilkinson,  Robin Mark

Mrs Sheenagh Broadbent elected to Chair and Dr Chris Wilding elected to Vice Chair at meeting on 7th May 2024

Coopted to the Council

effective May 2023

Rice,  John

effective September 2023

Cann, Laurie-Jane  – resigned 9th February 2024

Effective April 2024

McCabe, Brendan


Photographs to follow

Parish Councillors at June 2022

Dr C Wilding (Chair)

Mr J Bennett

Mrs S Broadbent

Mr J Clark

Mrs C Denton

Mr J Rice

Mr M Stimpson-Tame

Mrs Sylvia Pajak was coopted as a Parish Councillor in January 2022 and resigned in June 2022


Parish Councillors elected May 2019

Joe Bennett Catherine Brickwood resigned May 2021 John Clark
Carole Denton Robert Green   resigned January 2022 John Rice
Chris Wilding (Chair)

Two further Parish Councillors were co-opted in June 2019

Martin Stimpson-Tame Mark Tucker  Resigned August 2021

Mrs Sheenagh Broadbent was coopted as a Parish Councillor in September 2021